« Free 3-day Masterclass for Heart and Mind Aligned Entrepreneurs»

Join from anywhere in the world. 
4-5-6 March 2022
9am (Berlin), 4pm (Bali/Perth), 7pm (Melbourne)

  • Are you postponing your dreams to keep the safety of your 9-5 job?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the multiplicity of tasks to master to build and sustain a business? 
  • Are you struggling finding the best way for you to market your services?
In this free 3-day masterclass I will introduce you to 3 keys to transform your professional life through emotional intelligence, contemplation and meditation.
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 «Free 3-day Masterclass for Heart and Mind aligned Entrepreneurs

Join from anywhere in the world
4-5-6 March, 2022
9am (Berlin), 4pm (Bali/Perth), 7pm (Melbourne)

You will learn:
  • The number one trap to radical change and how to beat it through a potent meditation.
  • The secret sauce that we miss in the equation through an illuminating contemplation.
  • ​What everybody knows but somehow ignores and the way out through the power of ritual.

You are magnificent!
You have so much beauty, talent, gifts, skills. 
So much to offer to the world. The world has lots to offer back.
Let’s create the perfect match.
Create a business that puts your brilliance in the service of others aligned with your rational mind, your authentic heart, in a healthy body.
A business that grants you the wealth and fulfillment you seek after in life.

About myself
I have to admit; it took me a while to figure out what kind of business I wanted. I was not the child who had her mind set on a dream job. As long as I enjoyed and excelled at what I was doing; all was well.

Now I have my dream job! I co-own and co-manage a retreat centre in Bali while running my brand focusing on yoga therapy and meditation.

It wasn`t so clear cut until I got here though! My curiosity led me to two master’s degrees in social sciences, several years of consultancy on EU affairs, management and communication, countless projects, events and teams managed while pursuing a dedicated dance study of more than a decade and eventually a spiritual path of service.

The red line connecting all these diverse adventures has been my multi-passion entrepreneurial spirit. I am looking forward to connecting with you and helping you reach your finish line!
What some of my clients say about this work
What comes after the free master class?
  • Create - Share - Inspire: Coaching Program for Heart and Mind aligned Entrepreneurs. If you have 90 min a day, you can create your dream business.
  • More about this at the master class!
Does this sound interesting to you?

Looking forward to seeing you on the masterclass!

Much love

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